You asked, and we delivered! Six new brochure templates…

You asked, and we delivered! I am super excited to tell you that on Friday, January 9th we will add 6 new brochure templates to our library!

New Brochure layouts

If you liked the old brochures, fear not because they will still be available. But the new layouts will have some very important features:

  • Printing the new brochure templates will be a breeze! PDF files, will automatically be created and set up with the correct print margins.  That means your brochures will always fit on a single sheet of paper without adjustments. YES!!!!!
  • In compliance with the latest “Visual Marketing” trends, these brochures are all image focused with larger images than our old brochures.
  • As a result, there will be fewer text details.  That means no more blank spots on your brochure!

We are thrilled to deliver this new upgrade to Obeo’s Smart Marketing Suite of tools.

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Welcome California Image Maker!

We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired one of the top real estate photography providers in Southern California, California Image Maker.  We’ve been hard at work behind the scene over the past couple months, getting everything ready, and we couldn’t be happier make it “official”!  Please help us in welcoming Stuart Laureano, CEO of California Image Maker, and his amazing team to Obeo!  Stu will become the Regional Vice President for Obeo’s Southern California market.

Stu Laureano According to Stu Laureano, founder and CEO of California Image Maker “This is a win-win situation for our clients. We are combining California Image Maker’s incredible network of people with the world’s leading real estate marketing technology, Obeo. The people will stay the same, but we’ll deliver an enhanced suite of marketing tools that will take our clients’ business to the next level. And all at the same price point!” Stu went on to explain that California Image Maker clients will benefit from Obeo’s marketing automation, which reduces data entry and enhances syndication. Other benefits include social media automation, YouTube video on every listing, lead generating mobile text codes, eflyers, virtual staging, and a lead generating mobile search app.” Click here to watch a short video announcement Stu created  for his clients. He summarized by explaining, “We are very excited about this new opportunity and ready to serve the Southern California real estate market with the best solution in the industry.”

We couldn’t agree more, Stu!  We are proud to be able to better serve the Southern California market with your amazing team of talented real estate photographers!

Mike Haugen, the President of Obeo, explains that “We are entering into a new era. Obeo has a broad and deep national customer base that has been built over the last 15 years by delivering quality and innovative solutions. We will continue to broaden our solution set and services through acquisitions of new technologies and talented service providers. California Image Maker has been a phenomenal service provider for over ten years, and we are thrilled to bring them on board. This will greatly expand our service in the Southern California market.”  Sounds like it might be a very exciting year for Obeo!

Upgrade to Facebook Autoposting

Studies show that 78% of sales people who use social media out perform their peers! Let Obeo assist you by automatically posting your listings to Facebook. We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out upgraded Facebook autoposting on Friday, December 12th.




FB callouts

Here are the upgrades you can expect to see:

      1. A longer and more detailed post description.
      2. #JustListed hashtag for increased SEO.
      3. #City (of listing) hashtag for increased SEO.
      4. A larger, attention grabbing photograph.
      5. Additional property remarks.
      6. Full property address is displayed.
      7. The ability to hide/show address in settings.

Watch for this fabulous upgrade on any new listing that is uploaded to Obeo starting on Friday, December 12!   If you do not already have your Facebook autoposting set up, follow these directions to authorize Obeo to post to your Facebook account.

We’ve lowered the price of Virtual Staging and updated the furniture collections

We have some very exciting news! Not only did we completely update our virtual staging furniture collections, but we lowered the price of virtual staging as well. It’s a win win! You really can have your cake and eat it too! VirtualStaging .5x3

Studies prove that staging helps homes sell faster and earn a higher price!  But traditional staging is expensive, time consuming, and possibly costly if the moving of furniture damages walls or floors.  That’s why many agents have chosen to use virtual staging. Virtual staging can cost hundreds of dollars (even thousands) less than traditional staging and agents are able to avoid the hassle and potential dangers of moving furniture around a home.

aaaSierraOnly about 10% of consumers actually have the ability to visualize the potential of a listing. The other 90% need visualization tools like virtual staging, to help them see what a listing might look like furnished.  Show consumers where the couch might go, or that a king size bed will fit nicely in the bedroom. Let them see that the loft would make a perfect game room! These are valuable visualizations that alleviate fears and help potential buyers connect emotionally with a listing.

BouldinWe are proud to show you our gorgeous new furniture collections, simply click here to view.  But there’s even better news! We are thrilled to let you know that the cost of virtual staging has been reduced to $75 per image. This price reduction makes virtual staging an affordable marketing tool for listings of all price ranges!  Best of all, during the month of November, we are offering an additional discount of %15 with promo code SMARTNOV.  There has never been a better time to use virtual staging!

Take advantage of the promotions now! Use promo code: SMARTNOV and order in one of 3 ways:

1.) Email:
2.) Online:
3.) Call: 800-729-6236

We make virtual staging easy!  Use your own high quality photographs, or choose to have Obeo photograph your listing. Next, simply choose the furniture collection you prefer. Our newly released collections may be viewed here. This collection includes many warm and inviting looks that will appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. Additionally, we provide you with stunningly realistic high resolution photographs of your staged rooms, to use  in other online and print marketing.

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The Real Estate Marketing Infographic

Do you have the statistics and the information you need to validate the tools you use to market a listing?  Have you ever wished you could show a potential home seller exactly why you use certain tools and what affect those tools will have? Your wish has come true!  Download our new real estate marketing  infographic here, and use it in your listing presentations!

Real Estate Marketing Infographic