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Real Estate Photography of the Week, August 21

Here at Obeo, we have a very wide range of Real Estate Marketing tools.  Everything from interactive floor plans, to virtual staging, and mobile strategies. But our core product has always been, and always will be, our Real Estate Photography.  Obeo has an extensive network of some of the world’s most talented Real Estate Photographers! […]

Obeo’s Moving into Manitoba!

Look out Manitoba, Obeo has arrived! Amazing photography, virtual tours, and some of the best online marketing products in the world are synonymous with Obeo. Now, imagine your next listing having an online presentation that allows potential buyers to not only see the home, but to make it their own, by changing wall colour, flooring, cabinets and more. Obeo’s marketing platform will WOW your consumers, and best of all it is affordable. If you’re a Realtor in Manitoba, make 2012 your best year ever with Obeo’s marketing strategies.

Set Your Listings Apart With Twilight Photography

Agent Genius recently posted a fabulous article about the power of twilight photos. You can read the entire article here. Agent Genius advocates the use of Professional Photography on all listings, and has even called upon Association Executives, asking them to evaluate their minimum standards. Poor listing photography reflects poorly on all Realtors!

Sell Your Listings for Higher Prices with Professional DSLR Photos

In a recent study done by Redfin Corporation, it was discovered that listings marketed with high end DSLR photos sold for more money! And were not talking a few measly bucks! According to the Wall Street Journal, the study showed that listings with DSLR photos gained any where from $1000 to $100,000 more at closing! That’s a lot of dough! Given this information, it’s pretty shocking that only 15% of luxury properties are marketed with DSLR photos.