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Ode to the Refrigerator Magnet

Law of Averages

Successful Realtors play to the law of averages. Agents that understand their value and in turn can articulate their value find a way to consistently get in front of as many contacts as possible. They start understanding their sales funnel very well. They know that for every measureable input (number of phone calls, each paid search dollar, door hangers placed etc.) that they are going to get a predictable output. They set their income goals and start maximizing their inputs.

All good sales people understand this. Smart sales people understand for their business to be enduring they have to be able to magnify each sale into a lifetime of relationships that lead to both referrals and further deals with the client as their real estate needs progress.

Understanding the Home Ownership Life Cycle

Home Ownership Life CycleIf you pay attention to the needs of your clients throughout the course of each home ownership lifecycle you will find many more ways of interacting and creating value for those clients.  A customer’s 2nd home ownership cycle might look something like the diagram to the right. There are unique opportunities at each of these stages to solidify a customer for life. The obvious ones are on the right of this diagram. Some of the long term difference makers are on the left. Where you might not be an expert at helping in these areas, your sphere of influence certainly should be. Partnering and creating synergistic value at these stages can create an enormous amount of value for you and for your partners. Mortgage, Decorating, Moving, Construction partnerships, to name a few, if worked right can lead to an incredibly profitable career in Real Estate. Gone are the days that a calendar, a Christmas card and a refrigerator magnet will be enough to win you your client’s next transaction.

Lifetime Value of a Client

Though I’ve seen a number of conflicting reports let’s assume that the average home consumer will move 5 times during their lifetime. Agents that are looking at Real Estate as a long term career should be looking at the value each client can add to their business. Let’s do some quick math. I’ll be conservative.  Assume an average purchase price of $250k each time; a 20% fall out rate each cycle and two referrals per cycle. Let’s also assume a 2.5% list side commission and a 3% buy side commission. Let’s also assume that you will double end a deal 40% of the time and will sell your seller a new home 50% of the time. If these numbers hold true, each new customer you create should be worth $75k in commissions.

Lifetime value of a clientThis doesn’t count subsequent referrals given by referrals from this client. If you start doing that math it adds up quickly. Additionally your mortgage partner would make $66k in origination fees and your decorator/furniture partner would garner 105k in revenue.  There are real incentives there for you to work from in creating these relationships. Similar numbers hold for Movers, Utility Connections, Painting, Cabinet, Drapery and Flooring contractors.  That unified interaction with the client is going to be part of the next wave of value creation.

Presented in an entirely different way

So let me see if I can illustrate this a little further. $100 to the first person that can put this to a rap beat and send me the recording .


Ode to the refrigerator Magnet

You’ve seen her—that top notch Realtor®

Who worked with a heart of gold.

She battled for every listing

And would promptly get it sold.


Seven Percent is what she charged

Her and her team were worth it.

Who could turn down her big bright smile

Or the work that came with it?


One by one she got each listing.

One by one they would sell.

At closing all seemed so happy,

A result of treating them well.


With so many buyers and sellers

Leaving the closing content,

How could they ever doubt that she

Was worth that seven percent?


Buyers and Sellers became her friend

How could they not like her smile?

Next time real estate was their goal

She’d win their hearts by a mile.


To keep them happy, lifelong friends

A refrigerator magnet would do.

Not only that, to keep the love

She’d send a Birthday Card too.


The ownership cycle starts at the listing

selling and purchasing next.

Moving, décor and living follow,

But a payday there is complex.


A Realtor’s® job is to get that transaction

The commission is paid from the split.

The dreaming, decorating and living stuff?

Her strategy—the fridge magnet.


Along came the far sighted Broker,

Who saw clients’ needs where changing.

If agents helped at each point of the cycle

They’d control more transactions–Amazing!


Armed with the tools to start buyers dreaming

They made their listings compelling

Buyers could see themselves living there

All of their listings were selling


Those tools that garnished each listing

Turned more potent after the sale.

Owners could dream with virtual tools

The Brokerage referrals took sail.


The tired Agent with a waning smile

Couldn’t believe the market inaction

That happy long list of customers

Went elsewhere for their next transaction


The moral of this Realtor poem is

Homeownership starts at the sale.

If you fail to add value after the fact

When the next cycle turns you will fail


Glade Jones is the CEO of Obeo. He has worked closely with consumers from many different angles as both a Realtor®, a homebuilder, an entrepreneur and visionary. Obeo was founded by Mr Jones as a way to help consumers see a home both for what it is and for what it could be.  Obeo’s tag line “See You There” is meant to encapsulate Obeo’s mission of being the bridge between dreaming and dwelling.  Obeo is that company that inspires “moving” experiences. He can be reached via email at

11 Reasons why you should hire a professional real estate photographer

real estate photographyYou only have one chance to make a first impression.  And studies show that for most real estate consumers, that first impression is the photography of the listing that they find online.  Today’s buyers have very high visual expectations and very short attention spans.  So how do you make your listing stand out online?  How do you capture the attention of the consumer and make them want to know more?  One of the best ways is to hire a professional real estate photographer, and here are 11 reasons why.

  1. More online views.  According to a study done by Redfin, listings shot with DSLR professional photography receive 61% more online views than their competitor listings.
  2. Better first impressions. For 95% of online shoppers, the first thing they look at is your listing’s front exterior photo.  Furthermore, studies show that they will spend about twenty seconds looking at that front exterior photo, before moving on to the other photos or listing details.  Make that first 20 seconds really count!
  3. Higher selling price.  Listing marketed with professional DSLR photography have a higher perceived value and sell for more money.  That’s right, according to the Wall Street Journal, these listings gain anywhere from $934 to $116,076 at the closing table!  Add those stats to your listing presentation when you’re competing with an agent who takes his or her own photos.
  4. More likely to sell.  That’s right, according to Redfin, homes with professional DSLR photos are more likely to sell than those with point and shoot images.  The study showed an increase across all price ranges, varying from 5% to 17%.
  5. Sell faster.  Redfin’s study also showed that listings with professional DSLR photos sell faster.  Time varied by price range, but in the $400,000 range, homes sold on average 3 weeks faster.  That’s a pretty staggering stat!
  6. Your image.  You should care about your image(s)! That’s right, your home owners have hired a professional real estate agent to market their home. Don’t you think you should hire a professional photographer to take the listing photos?
  7. Win more listings.  Let’s face it, there is a lot of listing competition out there. Having a beautiful portfolio of previous listing photos just may help you win that listing.  Especially when you combine it with the stats previously mentioned.
  8. Social media content.  Visual content is all the rage in social media these days, and having a library of beautiful professional photos in a huge asset.  Use those photos on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook to attract interest and gain referrals.
  9. Save time.  Great photography not only requires time at the photo shoot, it requires time for editing and uploading.  Most realtors are at their best when listing, showing and selling properties.  So why take time away from what you do best to shoot and edit photos?  Instead, hire a professional photographer to do what he or she does best.
  10. Higher quality results.  Lets be brutally honest here. Owning a professional DSLR camera does not make you a photographer anymore than owning a set of watercolor paints makes you an artist. Professional photographers do photography for a living. They practice often, and they know lighting, angles and composition.  They know how to take an ordinary room and make it look extraordinary.
  11. Trigger emotion. Beautiful photos trigger an emotional response.  And emotion sells.  In fact, for most buyers, emotion is about 80% of the buying decision.  Buyers use logic to choose price ranges, locations, and home sizes.  But from there, most consumers will rely on emotion to choose the homes they visit in person and ultimately purchase.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional real estate photographer, please call Obeo. We have some of the top photographers in North America, and we’d love to introduce you.  Click here to order now.  You can view some of our amazing photography on Instagram and Pinterest,   Or, if you’re a professional photographer looking for a great company to work with, we’d love to meet you. Please fill out our online application.

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