Real Estate Tool of the Month – Google Trends

New trend?What is Google Trends? I discovered this little gem about six months ago, and have been obsessed with it every since! Google Trends is an online search tool that allows you to see how specific keywords, topics and phrases  have trended over a period of time. It graphs how often a term is used over time and where geographically most people are searching for a given term.  This data can be exported the data into a .CSV file which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.  Another cool feature is that you can compare up to five terms to view their relative popularity. Why is all of this important? For a couple reasons:

  1. Mobile:  More and more consumers are searching on mobile devices.  And people search differently on mobile than they do on a computer.  If they are typing the search, they tend to use fewer words. If they are using voice controls, they tend to be more conversational.  This will an affect on the keyword phrases you choose.
  2. Change: The only constant is change, and you can be sure the topics and phrased that consumers use to search for real estate online will change as well.  If you’re going to go to work hard at optimizing your website and content for a keyword phrase, wouldn’t you rather use a phrase that is trending UP, rather than one that is trending DOWN?

How can you use Google Trends as a Real Estate Tool? 

Keyword Research:  One of the most important processes of SEO and the entire search process is finding the right keyword phrases. Keywords are what consumers type into a search engine to find you or your content online. My favorite way to use it for keyword research is to compare the level of interest among several target phrases. Here’s an example I did to compare possible keyword phrases agents might use when searching for photography services. It’s easy to see that for Obeo, “Real Estate Photography” would be the wisest choice of keyword phrases.

Trend Research: I think this is really fun! Every six months or so, check your keyword phrases to see if they are trending up or down.  You need to  stay on top of what consumers are doing online, and how mobile might be changing the way they search and the phrases they use.  You also need to stay on top of consumer trends.  Do you think consumers are interested in real estate search apps?  If not, maybe this will change your mind.

Competition & Industry Monitoring:  See how you compare and trend compare to your competition! While the downward trend that started back when the bubble burst is a bit scary, overall it’s encouraging to see how many people search for Obeo compared to our competition!

Content for Social Sharing:  Within Google Trends is a section called Hot Trends which is a list of the fastest rising search terms/topics at the moment. This isn’t an absolute measure of popularity, it is a measure of which terms are hot and trending in news and social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter.   By checking out what is trending on any given day, you can be sure to share content that is hot, and more likely to go viral. Give people what they are looking for!

News Jacking:  News Jacking is a very hot SEO technique at the moment.  Select a topic off the Hot Searches list above, blog about it, and then promote through your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter using any hashtag that may be associated with the topic. In order for this to work, you have to work FAST, as trending topics change quickly!  Newsjacking can be fun, such as a baby naming contest for a pregnant celebrity who is trending.  Or you can take a serious topic, such as the flooding in Boulder Colorado last fall (assuming this was written at the time of the flooding), and do a photo blog. Or create a list of resources for flood victims.

If you’d like to learn about more Google Business Tools, and how they can be used in your business, click here to view a previously recorded webinar on Google Tools for Business.

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Obeo Introduces Brand New Property Website

Property WebsiteObeo has listened!   We were listening when you asked for a property website or virtual tour platform that is built with responsive design, meaning it works on every device, whether it’s a smart phone, iPad or computer.   We also listened when you asked for a property website that is easy to navigate and is finger friendly for touch screens.  Not only are we listening, but we are committed to providing you, your clients, and your consumers with the best possible online shopping experience.   With no further ado, we are proud to introduce Obeo’s brand new Property Website!

ipad virtual tourOne of the most exciting features of Obeo’s new Property Website is its mobile performance.  Most virtual tour and property websites are built in Flash, and are not mobile compatible.  Instead, companies with Flash viewers offer mobile photo slide shows that are missing most the features of the full version.  Obeo’s new HTML 5 viewer was built with responsive design, meaning it automatically responds to and works on any iPad or tablet and is fully functional.  Every consumer, will have a phenomenal experience with the property website, whether they are using a PC, a smart phone, or a tablet.  But Obeo didn’t stop there.  They designed this Property Website to be touch screen friendly, so consumers interacting with it on touch screens will have an ideal experience.  And why is this so important?  Because the latest study from the National Association of Realtors® states that “89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research“.  WOW.  With stats like that, it’s easy to understand the importance of quality mobile marketing.

But wait, there’s more! Obeo’s new Property Website also includes all the great features you have always loved;  Professional photography, detailed statistics, mass syndication, social media syndication, YouTube video, mobile lead generation, QR codes, brochures, eflyers, advertising templates, document hosting, maps, calculators, and more. View a demo of this incredible new virtual tour/property website  here. 

If you’re an existing Obeo client, and would like to switch your current and all future listings to Obeo’s new Property Website, simply log into your member’s area here, and click the ‘Upgrade Now” button pictured here:

Property Website

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Obeo Introduces Virtual Twilight Enhancement

Obeo is proud to announce that we have added yet another product to our fabulous array of on-line marketing tools, Virtual Twilight Enhancement.  That’s right, they are “Virtual” twilight images.  That means no appointment necessary! Here is a example:

 Virtual Twilight ImageVirtual Twilight Image

It couldn’t be easier!  Our professional photo processing team will enhance your existing photo to look like a twilight photo. It’s more affordable than traditional twilight photography, no need to disturb the homeowner in the evening, and no appointment necessary!  Best of all, it’s fast, with a 48 hour turn-around time.  Standard pricing for Virtual Twilight Enhancement will be $39.95 per image.   For our introductory special, we are offering Virtual Twilight shots for $29.95 each for a limited time!  Simply upload the photo(s) you want enhanced, and we’ll send you back a beautiful Virtual Twilight image.  Click the ORDER NOW button to place your order for only $29.95 per image. All orders must be placed by February 28th.

ORder Now

 See You There

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Obeo Introduces New YouTube Listing Video!

Great news!  This week Obeo went live with a beautiful brand new YouTube Listing Video.  Any new property websites that you order from Obeo will automatically feature this new format.   The new video format is an upgrade over Obeo’s previous version, and is being offered to you at no extra cost.  The new video is created in high definition, so it will be perfect for viewing in full screen.  It will also offer a variety of  beautiful new transitions between photos, and faster creation time!  real estate video

One of the most important features of this new format, is that the videos are now shorter in length.  No more six minute videos!  Studies prove that shorter videos receive more complete views, meaning they are watched from beginning to end.  Why is that important?   Because YouTube and Google prioritize videos with more complete views – meaning videos with more complete views will rank higher in online searches.  And we want your video to rank as high as possible!

From within your Obeo back office, you can manually trigger the  creation these videos on any listing.  You can find directions here. If you’d like to use the new format on any existing listings, all you need to do is click the “re-create” button on the video back office page for that listing.   But even better, you can set your account up so that a video is automatically created and uploaded to YouTube every time a new listing is uploaded. You won’t need to lift a finger. Obeo automatically creates the video and uploads it to your YouTube account. Directions here.

Here is a complete summary of  the new enhancements

  • 1080p HD quality videos that are perfect for full screen viewing.
  • Beautiful smooth transitions between photos.
  • Randomized transitions between photos means every video will look unique.
  • Shorter videos for better Search Engine results.
  • Faster creation time means your video will go to work generating views and leads faster than before!

View a Demo of the New Video  Here!

 See You There

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App of the Month – Speaktoit Phone Assistant

SpeaktoitlogoPhoneHave you ever thought to yourself, “I really could use an assistant?”  Well, look no further.  Download Obeo’s app of the month, “Speaktoit” on your smartphone or tablet and create the assistant you have always wanted.  Your Speaktoit Assistant performs tasks, answers questions and even lets you know about important events that are coming up in your area, like Realtor walk through’s and open houses.

Let your Assistant add a little fun to your life by learning your favorite places and services so it can find offers and opportunities that that match your current location.  Then surprise your clients with your proficiency and knowledge of their market area.

With your personal assistant there is no need to memorize any complex commands or learn any special tricks, just speak naturally and the Assistant will go to work for you.  In need of a proactive helping hand?  Let your Assistant show you that your best interest is its top priority.

Haven’t convinced you yet?  Your new assistant speaks foreign languages and is studying hard for the language you may need.  So far your assistant can speak English, Spanish, Russian, German and Portuguese.  Got a new client that doesn’t speak your language, let your Assistant help you out.

Download Speaktoit today and get your Assistant working for you the way you want it to.  Make your own customizable demands to improve your efficiency.  Let Speaktoit become the Assistant you have always wanted.


See You There

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