April 20-21 is Realtor Nationwide Open House Weekend

This weekend, April 20-21, 2013 is the National Association of Realtor’s Nationwide Open House Weekend.  Realtors from coast to coast across the country will host the nation’s largest open house weekend of the year!  This is going to be a great opportunity for you to connect with consumers in your community!

Here are some pretty amazing open house statistics from the National Association of Realtors:

  • 45% of buyers used an open house in their home search in 2012
  • That stat is even higher for repeat buyers, who are more likely to visit open houses than first time home buyers.
  • Mid income buyers are mostly likely to their home through an open house (think about this stat when choosing which listings to open this weekend!).
  • Southern home buyers are more likely to find their home through an open house and buyers in any other region.

With real estate inventories low in most markets and the number of buyers growing, this could be one awesome Open House Weekend!  A successful open house starts with attracting the right buyers.  So get in touch with your target audience and let them know about your open houses!  Here are a few tips:

  • Take out a classified ad.  Usually, we would advise against print advertising. But when marketing an open house. newspaper classified ads still work well.
  • Lots of signs.  Put signs and balloons up all around the neighborhood. Not only will it help visitors who are not familiar with the neighborhood find the open house, it may bring in some drive-bys a well.
  • Go Online: Think about places where your audience hangs out, and ask permission to share your open house information.  Linkedin Groups, Facebook Groups, community pages and calendars, and associations websites.
  • Craigslist:  Craigslist is very popular with house hunters and can be a fabulous way to market your open house.
  • Tell friends and neighbors.  Send out all your open house dates in your monthly newsletter.  That way all your sphere is alerted.  Go speak with the neighbors and let them know in advance.
  • Put up flyers. It may sound a bit old fashioned, but it might be worth the effort. Hang flyers on bulletin boards  in the neighborhood grocery stores, gyms etc.
  • Add an Open House Banner to your Virtual Tour: Here are some super easy to follow directions on how to add an open house banner to your Obeo virtual tour: http://blog.obeo.com/2012/04/add-banner-obeo-homesite-virtual-tour/
  • Post is on your Virtual Tour.  Don’t forget that your open house dates and times can be added to your Obeo virtual tour.  That way, online viewers are automatically invited to your open house!  Here is how it’s done:

1.) Go to http://admin.obeo.com/login and login with your Obeo username and password.


2.) Once logged in, look down the page for the blue bar heading “Manage Virtual Tours”.  Here in step 1, select the tour you want to create a video for, then in step 2 select “Edit Tour Details/Information” from the drop down box. Click the orange “Go” button.

3.) Under the blue  “edit tour details” bar, click on the  link called “Open House”.

4.) Add your Open House date and time, then click the SAVE

CHANGES button.

5.) Your Open House date and time will now be featured on your Obeo Homesite Virtual Tour!

Best of luck with this year’s National Open House Week!


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