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I believe Rebel Mouse could be a fabulous Real Estate tool to add to your arsenal. Basically, it’s a personal publishing service that aggregates all your favorite social media feeds into a single, unified page.  On first glance, you will find it seems to be a digital newspaper of your social life,  that looks a lot like Pinterest.  It also incorporates elements of Flipboard, Tumblr. and  All in one cool site!  Personally, I’m loving it!

But wait, there is more! Rebel Mouse does more than aggregate your content. It also allows you to curate the content of others.  That’s right. You can also curate the content of your favorite Twtter feeds, Tumblr sites, and basically any site with a feed!

Rebel Mouse was created by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry. Berry calls it a “social front page to let people know who you are.” I like it because of it’s ease of use and fun layout. You can check out my Rebel Mouse page here!

Marci James on Rebel Mouse

Here are the different sites that can be aggregated to Rebel Mouse:

  1. Facebook Profiles
  2. Facebook Business Pages
  3. Twitter – As many as you want. You can curate the content of your favorite tweeps!
  4. Tumblr – As many as you want. Again, you can curate content from your favorite Tumblr sites.
  5. Pinterest – Not only your own account, but you can curate your favorites as well.
  6. Instagram
  7. RSS – Thy sky’s the limit here. You can curate content from your blog, or ANY blog or site with a feed.
  8. The STICK browser plugin will allow you to share any page from any site.  Just drop it onto your browsers plugin bar and use it just like you would the PIN IT plugin from Pinterest.

You have the ability to create multiple pages from your Rebel Mouse account. So you could certainly create a personal page and aggregate all your own social content. But that’s only the beginning.  You could easily create a community page and aggregate and curate content about  your community.  Or, you could create a topic related page, like this one, that I created for Obeo. It aggregates content from all my favorite Real Estate news sources. What do think?  It’s a great way to scan all the headlines and see what is going on in our industry. It’s also a fabulous resource when I’m looking for content to share on Facebook and Twitter. It even includes the share button on each post, making the sharing as easy as pie!  What do you think of Rebel Mouse as a Real Estate tool?

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