Tips for Finding the Best SEO Keywords and Phrases for Real Estate

Optimizing your content by using the right combination of SEO  keywords and key phrases can bring you tons of traffic.  But keyword research can be both challenging and tricky. And the only way to effectively find the right combination of words is to practice!  But most Real Estate professionals don’t know where to begin. The best way to start is to become a detective.

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is free, and is one of the best ways to find SEO keywords and phrases. But, before you start using this tool, I recommend you brainstorm – write down a list of phrases YOU would use if you were searching for a realtor or real estate in your market. One important fact to remember, as you begin your research, is that the quality of the traffic you attract is more important than the quantity, so don’t be afraid to be very specific with your keyword phrases.  If you choose to use single-word keywords, you will be vying for rank with the millions of other websites that also use the same keyword. Plus, nobody searches using a single keyword. Even short keyword phrases, like “Denver Real Estate” will be very very difficult to rank on.  One of the best ways to start ranking, is to use what’s called Long Tail Keywords.  Long Tail Keywords are actually phrases that are very specific. And this is how most people word their searches – in very specific terms, like “Golf course properties in Westminster, Colorado.”  By using a long tail keyword,  you significantly narrow the field of competitors, which allows your page to rise higher in Google Search results for that phrase.

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is really quit easy to use. At the top of the page, simply enter a keyword phrase that you’d like to rank on. You can choose additional options including your geographic area, and then hit search. The Google Adwords Tool will then give you a list of all similar search phrases that are being searched on Google.  It will show which phrases are used more frequently and it will also show you which phrases are going to be easier to rank at. For more information on using the Google Adwords Keyword Took, try watching this video.

Here are some additional tips and tricks for choosing the right combination of Keywords:

  1. Create a list of dozens of keywords – any one page on your site can rank for numerous keywords and phrases.
  2. Think like the consumer when trying out Keyword Phrases – How would YOU search if you were looking for a home.  Ask you clients which search phrases they would use.
  3.  Long tail keywords and geographic combinations will usually bring you the most qualified traffic. Plus Google give a lot of priority to geographic search phrases. So take full advantage of this fact and use various geographic keywords in your search phrases.
  4. Be wary of using too many high volume keywords – they aren’t always the best. It’s much harder to rank on them, and they attract a wider (and possibly less affective) audience.
  5. Ranking on several long tail keywords seems to help you achieve higher rankings on the high volume keywords. So use a combination of both.  Choose several long tail keywords that are not high volume and you will be able to quickly rank on them.  This will then help you increase your ranking for the higher volume keywords you chose.  The idea is to start ranking on SOMETHING. Once the search engines take notice, then it is easier to rank on the other more competitive phrases.
  6. Use modifiers when choosing keyword phrases. Studies have shown that modifiers are commonly used in search phrases and will help you to rank more quickly. Some modifiers you may want to try: “How to”, “Solutions”, “Tips”, “Reviews”, “Ways to”, “Stop”, and “Best”.

Over time, you will need to use a tool like Google Analytics to measure your success. This will show you not only how you rank, but whether you are trending up or down in rank. It will also you which phrases are actually working for you. Which ones are bringing you the most traffic and which ones are doing little.  You will need to study your analytics on a regular basis, and adjust your keywords accordingly.

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