Obeo is Geo Tagging all Real Estate Video

You already know that Obeo offers a FREE Youtube real estate video with every Obeo Homesite Virtual Tour.  This free service takes the still photos and panoramas from your listings and turns them into an interactive high definition video presentation.  Obeo then syndicates the video to YouTube.  All it takes is a couple clicks in your Obeo back office, and the entire process can be automated on your behalf. We will even tag the photos with your choice of keywords and then post the video to your personal YouTube Channel.  But did you know that  Obeo has just added a Geo Tag of the property address to every real estate video we upload to YouTube?

Why is Geo Tagging so important?  Because the search engines give Geo Tags a lot of priority in the search results.  And because Google owns YouTube, Google tends to favor YouTube in search. As a result, a YouTube video that has been Geo Tagged is likely to rank extremely high in an organic search.  Most times, even ranking as high as number 1!!  Check out the screen capture below. This video was Geo Tagged and uploaded to YouTube yesterday.  When searching the property address on Google, the YouTube video is the number 1 search result!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

The YouTube video is always branded with YOUR name and contact information.  Wouldn’t you rather have consumers contacting YOU directly? We all know what can happen when they end up on other sites.  It can be costly!

We hope you will benefit from this new feature we added.  If you need directions on how to set up your Obeo video, please click here.   Or, if you need help setting up the auto-creation and posting of your YouTube videos, please click here.

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