Where in the World is Obeo? – May 2nd Edition

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time to play Where in the World is Obeo!  Take a look at these gorgeous real estate photos from Obeo, and try to guess the City.  Check out the clues and start guessing now… The first Fan to guess correctly, will win a free Obeo Homesite Still Virtual Tour with professional real estate photography. So where in the world is Obeo this week? (answers must be given on our Fan Page).

Here are Your Clues:  

John B. Stetson began  manufacturing his famous hat here in 1863.  

There is a city park here that is over 8,000 acres! 

The first brick home in North America was constructed here is 1682.  

One of the 3 Stooges was born here… extra credit if you can tell me which one it was!

If you think you might know the answer, head on over to our Facebook Fan Page, and comment with your answer.  The first Facebook Fan to answer correctly will win a free Obeo Homesite Still Virtual Tour.  Please note – You cannot win more than 1 time every 60 days.

 See You There

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