How to Share Your Obeo High-Resolution Real Estate Photography

Have you ever wanted to send a homeowner, your marketing assistant or a printer your high-resolution Real Estate Photography?  Because the photos are so large, it is difficult to email them.  Many clients send them out one by one, but there is a much easier way!  Obeo’s high-resolution photo gallery does not require login.  That means you can share your gallery link with anyone!  Here’s how:

1.) You can send anyone can to go to The simply give them the Tour ID number, MLS number, or street address for searching.

2.) Anyone can search for photos to download by either typing in the Tour ID number, the street address, or the MLS number. You can also select the PHOTO SIZE you would like to download and the DISPLAY RESULTS. If you are searching for Print/High-Resolution photos, it is best to choose Text Details as your display result.  Then click the SEARCH button.

3.) Any individual photo can be downloaded my simply clicking on the VIEW button. When the photo loads, Right Click on the photo and choose “Save Photo As”.

4.) If you’d like to download ALL the photos, just click on the zip file at the bottom of the page.  For information on how to unzip the file, please see this post.

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