How to Download Your High Resolution Real Estate Photography

A frequently asked question that is directed to Obeo’s customer service team,  is “How do I download my high resolution real estate photography?”  It’s very easy to do,  right from your members area.  Here are the directions:

1.) Go to and login with your Obeo username and password.

2.) Once logged in, look down the page for the blue bar heading “Manage Virtual Tours”.  Here in step 1, select the tour you want to download photos from, then in step 2 select “DOWNLOAD High-Resolution Photos” from the drop down box. Click the orange “Go” button.

3.) Select the Photo Size you would like to download – Obeo gives you FIVE size options to choose from.  Once your size is selected, hit the SEARCH button.

  • We recommend you download the “Pring/High-Resolution” photos, as these are only stored on Obeo’s server for 60 days. After 60 days they are archived to CD, and there is a $25 archive retrieval fee if you need the photos.
  • It’s also good to download a lower-resolutions size, based on the requirements of your mls.
  • I recommend, before going any further, that you head to the folder  (like My Documents or My Photos) where you keep your real estate photos, and create a sub-folder for your listing.

4.) You can also choose your Display Options. If you’d like to see Thumbnails or the Photo Gallery, you can select one of these options before hitting the search button. If you choose to view either Thumbnails or the Photo Gallery in Print/High-Resolution, be aware it will take extra time for the photos to load in this large size.

5.) When your selected photos load, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the DOWNLOAD button. You’ll need to wait a few moments, as the zip file is being created.

6.)   When the file is complete, you will see a pop-up box asking what you want to do with the file.  Click the SAVE AS file and choose the folder you created earlier, to save the file to.













7.) Now go to the Folder you saved the file to. You will find a zip file of your download, simply extract and save the photos.

8.) To Extract the photos, double click on the zip file to open it, then at the top of the folder click on the EXTRACT ALL FILES link.

9.) Now browse to the folder you created and click EXTRACT. That’s it! Your photos will be ready for use, in the folder you had initially created.

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