Amazing Real Estate Photography The Week of May 14th

This week’s photo of the week is a beauty courtesy of Obeo Real Estate Photography, Jay McCormick, of Oklahoma.  It’s stunning! Jay did a wonderful job of capturing the over all feel of the room, but at the same time, focusing on the room’s features like the gorgeous built-ins and the detailed crown moldings. The over-all look and feel of the room is what draws the viewer in, but the details are what captivates the buyer, making this home more memorable. To view the entire virtual tour of this home, please visit

Who shoots your real estate photography? When you choose Obeo, you can be guaranteed professional results with every real estate listing we photograph. Obeo has a large network of talented real estate photographers across the United States and Canada. Using the latest equipment and training, our team is ready to make your listings look their very best. Combine professional real estate photography with the Obeo HomeSite virtual tour platform and you are set to amaze potential buyers!

Most importantly, we’re going to help you make more money!  That’s right, in a study done by Redfin Corporation, it was discovered that listings marketed with professional DSLR real estate photography sold for more money!  The study showed that listings marketed with DSLR photos gained any where from $1000 to $100,000 more at closing!  A fact that is guaranteed to make your seller happy.

Obeo Photo of The Week

This photo was shot by Obeo professional photographer, Jay McCormick of  Oklahoma.

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