Real Estate Professionals Use Timely to Optimize Facebook and Twitter

Real Estate Professionals, are you struggling to find the time to make daily posts to Facebook and Twitter? You have a business to run, and social media can be very time consuming!  Even more importantly, are you posting at the optimal times and frequencies?  Do you know when your Twitter and Facebook  followers are most active?  An amazing little app called Timely can help your with all of this!  Not only will it do the posting for you, but it will automatically schedules posts for the optimal time, maximizing the impressions as well as the effectiveness of the post.

Timely is super easy to use, and best of all, its free!

  1. Head over to Timely now and create your free account.  
  2. Now add your Twitter, Facebook Profile, and Facebook Business Page.
  3. Click on the “Settings” link and fill in the setting you want for each account. 
  4. Add the “Create a Timely” browser plugin by simply dragging it onto the bookmark bar of your browser.
  5. Start adding content by using the browser plugin, or by simply pasting links into Timely.

One of the things that makes Timely so quick and easy to use is that you don’t have to schedule the posts.  You just add the content, and Timely finds the optimal time to post based on a “secret” algorithm.  All we know is that they look at your last 199 tweets/posts, and based on those, they determine the best time to post your content.  Timely makes it easy to see how your posts are doing on the “Performance” tab for each account you set up.  The performance tab will show you how many clicks (Timely uses Bitly) each post has, total reach, retweets, and more. It even allows you to reply to those who have retweeted your content without having to leave the app.

I suggest that you take 20 minutes once every week, and schedule 3 tweets and 1 Facebook post a day for the next week.  Ta Da!  The worst part is done.  Now, on a daily basis you should still share when you can, but it can be more personal –  Share photo you snapped from your phone.  Check in at a local restaurant (and add a comment). Comment about breaking news.

Last but not least,  don’t forget to engage with others. Remember, you can’t just broadcast your own content.  You have to reach out to others and engage  - Comment on Facebook posts.  Retweet good content with your own remark added.  Reply to interesting tweets. Like or Share Facebook posts. Ask and answer questions.

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