Pinterest for Real Estate Agents- Make it Social

Are you a Real Estate Agent using Pinterest?  You should be!  Not only is it fun, but it can be a wonderful way to meet people and make new friends.  For some fun tips and ideas on using Pinterest, check out my post, Pinterest for Real Estate Agents – 9 Tips.  One of the keys to using Pinterest correctly, is to be “Social”.  It’s not just about pinning and repinning great content.  Like all social platforms, if you want to build relationships (trust), you need to engage and interact. Here are some tips on how to make Pinterest social:

  1. Connect both your Facebook and Twitter Accounts and follow your friends from those sites.
  2. “Like” other people’s pins.
  3. Comment on other people’s pins.
  4. Use “Mentions” or “Tags” – Just like Twitter and Facebook, you can mention/tag someone by typing “@” in front of their user name. Add the mention to a comment on any pin.
  5. Check your “Recent Activity” feed everyday to see who’s been “liking” “commenting” on and “pinning” your stuff – return the favor!
    • When someone comments on one of your pins, be sure to respond with a comment of your own.
    • When someone likes or repins your content, head over to their boards and Like or Repin some of their content.
    • When someone tags you in a comment, be sure to comment back.
    • When someone follows you or one of your boards, head over to their profile and follow either all or some of their boards.
  6. Search for users who live in, or are interested in, your Geographic Niche Market. Then follow and engage them!
    • Use the Pinterest “Search” field to search for boards, pins, and users related to your Geographic Niche.  Just type in the name of your city, hit the search button, then choose either “Pins”, “Boards”, or “People”.  Follow and engage!
  7. Invite friends from other Social Platforms to join Pinterest.

There seems to be a lot of controversy on whether Real Estate professionals should use Pinterest.  If you like Pinterest, use it!  There  is no “Magic Formula” for choosing the right Social Media Marketing platforms to use.  Pinterest isn’t for everyone.  Choose the Social Platforms that you enjoy the most, and concentrate your efforts there.  Do what is fun for YOU. There isn’t enough time in the day to be great at every platform.  Pick your favorites and enjoy, whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, or Empire Avenue.  Whatever the platform, you’ll have better results when you are enjoying what you do.  Remember, social media is about forming new relationships (trust) and nurturing existing relationships.  It’s not about selling properties, it’s about building relationships that lead to business.

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