7 Tips to Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Obeo

SEO - Attract More BuyersToday I want to share a few tips on how you can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking with Obeo’s marketing platform. Improving your SEO ranking will get you higher on the list of search results, which will bring you more traffic, exposure, potential buyers and more real estate sales.

Understanding all of the complexities of SEO can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to be a SEO expert to benefit from additional exposure to your listings. Simply follow these easy tips to bring more traffic to your listings and help boost your SEO rankings.

1) Add Your Website URL to your Obeo Profile

Do you have a website or another webpage with your listings? If so, you want to make sure you add this website link in your Obeo Profile. The more links you have to your website, especially from large websites like Obeo, will help increase your SEO rank. If you tell us your website URL, we will place links back to it from many Obeo pages, including your Obeo profile page and all of your Obeo virtual tours. Learn How

2) Add Your Social Media Sites

Social Media links play an important role in SEO and will improve your rankings when used correctly. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel, you will want to make sure you add them to our Social Media Links page. Not only will this generate more links/hits to your pages and improve your SEO, but we can also automatically post your new Obeo virtual tours to your social media sites to  save you time. Learn How

3) Setup Auto-Creation of Property Videos

Search engines like Google put video content high on their results list. If you have a video of your property, you are more likely to attract buyers to look at your listings. Obeo can automatically create property videos from your virtual tour photos and post the video to YouTube for you.  However, this is something that you need to request to be activated on your account. To do this, simply check the appropriate box on our Social Media settings page. With videos of each of your properties, this may be your ticket to jumping on the front page of Google. Learn How

4) Add Your SEO Keywords

What keywords do you want people finding you or your listings with on search engines? Obeo has just introduced a new “SEO keywords” feature that will help you target specific keywords. These keyword tags will be embedded into your Obeo pages and your YouTube videos automatically for you to help bring traffic back to your listings. Learn How

5) Add Your Property Headlines

Only about 50% of our customers put in a property headline with their Obeo virtual tours. This headline is helpful to briefly describe your property to buyers, but it’s also used in the  META DESCRIPTION for your Obeo virtual tour. If you don’t know what “META Description” is, that’s ok. It’s basically the brief description that shows up on search engine results page, but it’s very important to help improve your SEO page ranking. Your brief headline should quickly describe your property and include any keywords or phrases you would like to use to target buyers. Learn How

6) Link to your Obeo Virtual Tours from your Other Websites

Do you have a wepage, blog or Facebook page? Are you actively promoting ALL of your Obeo virtual tours on these pages? If not, you are missing out on additional exposure to your listings and improved SEO rankings.

If you have a Facebook account, be sure to SHARE your new listings on your Facebook wall. Upload some of the pictures of the listing, and then post a comment with a link to view the full virtual tour. If you have a website, make sure you add a “View My Virtual Tours” button on your site to link to your virtual tours. If you have a blog, post photos of some of your listings and link them back to your Obeo tour. The more links you have to your listings, the more exposure you will get and it will also help with your SEO efforts. Learn How

7) Add your Agent Biography to your Obeo Profile

Less than 20% of our clients have written a personalized bio for their Obeo public page. This bio only needs to be a few sentences long to tell others about you. One big benefit of writing this bio is that it will be indexed on search engines. Any words or phrases you put in your bio will help boost your SEO ranking when people are searching for real estate agents. Do you specialize in a specific kind of real estate? Do you really know a specific local area well? Do you offer services that other real estate agents don’t? If so, be sure to mention these things in your Obeo bio and you will be found on search engines where you would otherwise be lost. Learn How

Property Syndication
One of the great things about using Obeo, is that our marketing platform has been built to automatically improve your SEO rankings and exposure to your listings without you lifting a finger. Our website code and property search engine have been optimized to help attract potential buyers to your listings and our automatic syndication system will push your listings out to other websites in the United States & Canada. However, by applying these 7 additional SEO tips mentioned above, you can improve your SEO rankings even more and bring in additional buyer leads for your properties.



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