10 Places to Find Great Content & Ideas for Your Blog

Once you get into the swing of it, blogging is fun!  The hardest part is usually creating the content…  but the web is rich with resources, and if you look in the right places, not only will you come up with great ideas, but you’ll come up with all the material you need to write an informed post.  Here is a list of resources I recommend for finding great content for your Real Estate Blog posts.


  1. Your Obeo Virtual Tour: Create a weekly marketing post. Every week on a certain day you create a marketing post on one of your listings.  You can create numerous blog posts, using many different mediums, all from one Obeo Homesite.
    1. Week 1: Embed the Obeo Homesite into your blog post.  The embed code is always included on the “Share this Tour” button in the tools menu.
    2. Week 2: Feature 1 photo from the tour in a very brief post that gives just enough info to raise questions. Leave the readers wanting more.  Repeat as necessary!
    3. Week 3: Embed one of the Obeo  eFlyers into a blog post. You have 3 templates to choose from, so again, you can repeat this using different templates each time.
    4. Week 4: Embed the Obeo HD YouTube Video into a Blog Post.
    5. Week 5:  Embed the vStager, and let your viewers not only choose their favorite furniture collection, but they can also pick their own paint colors, flooring, cabinet stain, and more!
  2. AllTop.com:  AllTop.com is phenomenal for researching an industry or a topic.  If you want industry news, just click this link to pull up all the latest Real Estate News posts. Or, simply put a topic into the search window and search the topic you’d like to write about.
  3. Regator.com: This is another great site for research.  Again, you can search by industry or by topic.  All the best blog posts on the industry or topic will be pulled for you to scan thru quickly.
  4. Google Maps: As a Real Estate Pro, your blog audience is almost always located in a specific Geographic Sphere.  So posts that provide information, fun things to do, attractions, history, etc about this sphere, are always a winner. Google Maps is a great place to get information, ideas, and links.  Simply head over to google maps and do a search like “Miami Attractions” or “Denver History”.
  5. Travel Sites: Travel sites, like Expedia, are also a great resource for Geographic Sphere information.  Expedia features a section on their site called “Activities”, which is full of fun ideas!
  6. Chamber of Commerce Sites: Visit your local Chamber of Commerce sites often, they will keep you updated on community news, events, openings, etc.
  7. City and Community Sites: Most cities, and many neighborhoods and condominiums have their own websites.  Visit these sites often to stay informed of hyper local events and news!
  8. Search Engines: Okay, it seems pretty obvious, but sometimes we forget.  Remember to search both of the top search engines, Google and YouTube for the topic you would like to write about.
  9. Bookmarking Sites: My 3 favorite bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.  Digg and Delicious are super resources – just type in your topic, hit search, and you will receive a ton of great results.  StumbleUpon is a fun site to cruise around on and gather ideas for future blog posts.
  10. Social Media Sites: The list is endless, but I recommend LinkedIn Groups & Questions.  SlideShare is a great site to find presentations on the topic you are researching. Twitter Search can also be a great research tool.

So there you have it, my list of the 10 best places to find great blog content.  Do you have any places that you can recommend?  Be sure to comment below if you do!  Until next time, happy blogging!!

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