Obeo launches new Facebook Fan page

We are excited to announce that Obeo has just launched a new fan page on Facebook.com!

Facebook has over 150 million members worldwide and is one of the top ten most visited websites on the Internet. Facebook allows people and businesses to connect and interact with each other in a common platform. We have created this page on Facebook to allow  our clients, employees, photographers and fans of Obeo to interact more with each other and get the latest information about Obeo.

On the Obeo Facebook page, you will find:

  • Brief information about Obeo.
  • Recent Obeo News/Updates.
  • Special promotions on a regular basis.
  • Great photography examples from our Obeographer network.
  • Comments and discussions about Obeo.
  • A list of Facebook members who are fans of Obeo.

The Obeo fan page is located at:


If you are already a member of Facebook, we invite you to become a fan of Obeo. If you are not yet a member of Facebook, what are you waiting for? It’s free to join and it’s a great way to interact with friends, family, co-workers and other people that share your same interests. Enjoy!

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